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The FITNESSGUM® flooring line composes one of the biggest production groups of rubber flooring of the company Gum-tech®. Our company has been producing high quality rubber products since 1995. Our activities surpass the pure production process.

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During my career I have had the opportunity to try a variety of floorings for exercises. So far, none of the floorings has appropriately met all the requirements for my exercises and the needs of professional sportsmen.

However, I changed my mind when I was introduced to the FITNESSGUM® line of fitness tiles. Therefore, I present you with the FITNESSGUM® family of flooring tiles, created especially for fitness, CrossFit and weightlifting activities.

FITNESSGUM® fitness tiles are not only floorings, but much more. They have improved my training conditions and have given me a positive feeling during my exercises. The key to my success is the professional execution of my exercises. The different FITNESSGUM® products provide the best requirements for me to train at my best.

FITNESSGUM® floorings give me the opportunity to carry out efficient CrossFit exercises like burpees, box jumps or lunges perfectly. I do not slip and cushioned with high impact exercises, like the exercises mentioned previously.

Fitness tiles are soft and voluptuous to touch, yet robust and stable. The most stable FITNESSGUM® product lines enable me to set down the weights comfortably without overcorrecting my balance or straining my back.

If you want the best flooring for your exercises. I strongly recommend you the FITNESSGUM® product lines.

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In the company we start every day with a simple question:

“Where can our rubber tiles be successfully applied?”