We have developed our Gym Tiles specifically for weight-lifting areas of fitness centers. Like with all other Fitnessgum® products, we considered a stable feel and slip-resistance in the development of our Gym Tiles. Of particular value is the shock absorption excellence of our Gym Tile line. This feature is useful for barbell and dumbbell exercises, where the rebound of weights implies injury risks for ankle and shin.

The impact of falling weights can lead to lasting damages of the floor construction of the building. In addition such activities can cause excessive noise. As our Gym Tiles easily absorb the impact of falling weights, our products can protect the existing floor constructions and dampen noise. Parts of our Gym Tiles can be reused in the case of fundamental restructurings of the training rooms.

Gym tile F

Size: 100×100 cm

Thickness: 3,0 cm

Gym tile FS

Size: 50×50 / 100×100 cm

Thickness: 3,0 cm

Gymallrounder Basic

Size: 55×55 cm

Thickness: 3,0 cm

Gym tile X

Size: 110×100 cm

Thickness: 3,0 cm